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My grandma used to say “if you like good food and you can read, you can cook.” There was a no nonsense to it and yet great respect, joy and love for traditions of food and for sacred recipes passed down.

At the feel good, we are sharing this lineage of our family's recipes, their palates and their tastes. Passed down through the decades, this cultural DNA is very much alive and will continue to thrive. These efforts to preserve and nurture permeate our culture.


Much of the produce served is grown on our 10-acre farm in Nambe, New Mexico, where sustainability is a top priority. Food waste from the restaurant returns to the farm to feed the animals, and also gets composted back to the land to feed the healthy soil. 

We are tradition driven, as we remain on the constant quest for good flavor. Join us in this celebration of heritage!


An orange is nothing less than a miracle. It is just like you—you are also a miracle of lifeTHICH NHAT HANH

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