Dinner reservations recommended



Chicken Noodle 4/7 Homemade egg noodles, MG bone broth.


Tomato 4/7 Fried basil, parmesan toasties.


French Onion Soup 5/8 Sweet caramelized onions in broth with melty gruyere & toasty croute.


Misir Wat 5/8 Ethiopian red lentil stew. 


Albondigas 5/8 Meatballs, green chile, oregano.


Broccoli Cheddar 5/8 Spicy, cheesy, warming.



Arugula & Prosciutto 10.00 With pecorino, fresh lemon,

extra virgin olive oil.


Crimini Tartine 9.00 Brie, marinated mushrooms, pecorino, fried herbs.


Brugi Board Small 9.00 Large 14.00  Fra Mani salame Toscano, salametto piccante, Prosciutto di Parma, herbed chevre in olive oil, comté, fancy brie.


Broiled Brie 12.00 With charred rosemary and thyme, sourdough toastlets, green salad, Marconas, pear.


Calamari 13.00 Tempura fried with poblano, grilled lemon,

spicy tomato, herbed aioli.


Herbed Crispy Artichokes 9.50 With spicy tomato, herbes de provence.



Perfect Potato Chips

*With house ranch 5.00  **With tuna-avocado poke 9.00


Smoked Oysters & Saltines 7.00            


Relish Board 8.00             

Marinated mushrooms, Marcona almonds, Castelvetrano olives.



Chicken with Mushrooms, Madeira & Mozzarella 20.00 Oyster and criminis, thyme, served over mashed russets.


Pasta with Red Sauce 18.00 Bright and zesty, changes every week or so.


Classic Steak Frites 23.00 Hanger steak, pan jus, pile of frites.

Apricot Glazed Pork Chop 23.00 Bone-in Berkshire chop, with spicy sweet glaze.



Mashed Skin-on Russets 5.00


Seasonal Vegetable 6.00



Tossed to order 6.00

choice of

*Arugula, parmesan, lemon, XVOO

**Kale, pecorino, lemon, XVOO

***Mesclun, aged red wine vinegar, XVOO